How to do a budget safari in Kenya

Kenya’s tourism industry has grown exponentially over the years and is considered one of Africa’s finest destinations to travel to. Nonetheless, it is generally not considered an expensive place to travel to in comparison to other African countries. 

Prices vary depending on what kind of safari you are looking at, but Kenya offers a wide spectrum making it a destination that suits every traveller's needs. From luxury lodging down to camping and mid-range accommodations, Kenya is your safari host. 

The country’s capital offers a wide range of hotels, apartments & restaurants for every budget. Moreover, eating street food and using local transport will also save you money. Beach resorts range from 5-star luxury down to shared villa accommodations. 

Below are our top reasons on how to visit Kenya on a budget: 

Compare direct and indirect flights

In comparison to direct flights, indirect flights to Kenya tend to be cheaper e.g., into other African hubs such as Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. Nonetheless, from around the world, flights into Nairobi tend to be frequent and excellent deals are not uncommon. Setting up flight alerts from platforms such as Skyscanner or google flights is another important tool to ensure you are up to date with any price drop. It may be particularly helpful to sign up for airline newsletters which often publicise exclusive offers within specified time periods. 

Book a car with a driver for multi-stop itineraries.

Kenia Tours is your company colour for this! Once you confirm your booking with us, our 4*4 luxury Landcruiser is an affordable and fun way to travel around Kenya as it offers the freedom to stop off at various viewpoints, roadside cafes or even a city tour around the capital. 

Travel during Kenya’s shoulder seasons

Travelling to Kenya outside of peak season is a great way to save money! Typically, from July – October & January – February after the short rains. Both international flights and accommodation will cost less than if you travel outside of the Great Migration (July – October). Outside of peak season, beach resorts and hotels offer great deals too making it perfect to enjoy some of the finest beaches on the continent! 

Go overland

Domestic flights are fairly reasonable depending on the destination of choice but for the most popular destination - Mombasa, substituting the flight for a train is a good way to bring the cost down as well as enjoy Kenya’s scenic route. 

Book internal flights in advance

We at Kenia Tours ensure we bring your cost down by booking domestic carriers in advance to ensure you get lower fares. 

Try street food and korogas

Kenya undoubtedly has a flourishing restaurant scene but enjoying street food including makai (freshly grilled corn on the cob), nyama choma (roasted meat) & matoke (plantain) are just some ways to bring costs down as well as enjoying local foods. Heading to barbecue restaurants including world-renowned Carnivore at just USD 50 per person, ensures you truly reap Kenya’s food benefits. 

Don’t dismiss the hostels

Over time, Kenyan hostels have modernised ensuring standard rooms have privacy curtains, personal plug sockets as well as reading lights. Many also offer en-suite bathrooms. Hostels serve to be cheaper than hotels suitable for bag-packers or travellers travelling on a very tight budget. 

Go camping

Kenya’s camps serve to be the cheapest on the continent while offering the experience of sleeping under the stars. Our very own campsite is one great example of reaping benefits at a low cost. 

Stay outside the national parks

Though you may not reap the full benefit of the national park, staying outside game reserves tend to be cheaper and aims to be perfect for travellers seeking to enjoy the city life. 

Book a beach villa with a chef 

In comparison to hotels, villas tend to be perfect for large groups looking to reduce costs. Villas may come with in-house chefs at the expense of purchasing your own food and have become increasingly popular over the years. 

Plan your itinerary carefully 

Using your vast thoughts, we at Kenia Tours plan your itinerary carefully to ensure you get the holiday experience of your dreams catering to your budget needs. 

Be mindful of the exchange rate

One of the most important pieces of advice we give out is to ensure you don’t lose out by changing money in a rush. While rates tend to be decent in banks and forex bureaus, it is always advisable to check the day’s exchange rate on apps such as to make sure you are reaping the full benefit.