The Pearl of Africa

Uganda is a natural beauty, with an abundance of gifts bestowed to her: the snow-capped Rwenzori mountains, named one of the best hikes in the world by the National Geographic; Mt. Elgon, with the largest volcanic caldera in the world; and Africa’s largest lake, Lake Victoria; the mighty River Nile, the second-longest river in the world, whose largest source is in Lake Victoria.

Home to the big five, Uganda boats unique wildlife such as tree-climbing Lions and the Nile Crocodile. Lucky to be home of the famous endangered mountain Gorillas, Uganda has the highest population of these subspecies in the world. They can’t be found anywhere else on earth but in the Virunga Massif that is shared by Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These gentle giants can be found in two of Uganda’s national parks: Mgahinga National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

Also famous for its craftsmanship, basket weaving is a long-standing profession made using banana leaves, raffia, palm leaves, papyrus, and is exported around the world. Sir Winston Churchill was so much in awe of the country, he called it the “pearl of Africa.”

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Population & Location

47,487,165 and Eastern Africa

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Local Currency

Ugandan Shilling

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Airline Carriers & Routes

Airlines like Kenya Airways, Qatar, Emirates,Turkish Airlines & Ugandan Airline

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Yellow fever is advised and visitors are advised to carry mosquito repellants

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Generally warm, Over 20 degrees Celsius. Sunscreen is recommended

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Exploring Uganda Wilderness

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National ParkFounded in 1952 as Kazinga National Park and renamed two years later to commemorate a visit by Queen Elizabeth II, this park is undeniably Uganda’s most popular tourist destination. The parks extremely diverse ecosystem makes it the ideal habitat for classic big game, ten primate species including chimpanzees and over 600 species of birds.

Kidepo Valley National Park

Offering some of the most stunning scenery of any protected area in Uganda, Kidepo Valley National Park is hidden away in a lost valley in the extreme northeast of Uganda.

Nile River

This reputable outfitter was early on the scene of Nile rafting. Its rafting combos offer the opportunity to enjoy a sunset river cruise, kayaking or river boarding for the same price as an all-day raft trip.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Home to almost half the world’s surviving mountain gorillas, the World Heritage listed Bwindi Impenetrable National Park as one of East Africa’s most famous national parks. The Park is home to an estimated 340 gorillas: undoubtedly Uganda’s biggest tourist drawcard.

Murchison Falls

Uganda’s largest national park is one of its very best; animals are in plentiful supply and the raging Murchison Falls, where the Victoria Nile crashes through the rock and descends dramatically towards Lake Albert, is an unforgettable sight.

Select Tours in Uganda

3 Days Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

12 Days Hiking & Big Game Safari

5 Days Kibale Chimpanzee & Gorilla Trekking Safari

5 Days Kibale, Queen Elizabeth and Bwindi Safari

Culture & History

Kenya has managed to develop its own unique and diverse heritage and culture, which spans 42 tribes. This is the Nation’s greatest strength – he ability to blend the best of many worlds into a strong singular identity. In fact, recently, Kenya has now included the Indian community as the 43rd tribe of the country.

Buhoma Community Walk

The Buhoma Village Walk offers a chance to observe the people adjacent to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. It is also a good way to directly support the local communities.

Ssezibwa Falls

The name Ssezibwa is a local idiom referring to “something endless”. The Sezibwa falls are also considered an important cultural and spiritual site for the Baganda people. It is also one of Uganda’s prides.

Nakayima Witch's Tree

Nakayima tree is about a beautiful princess who is said to once upon a time roam the Kibale forests but is believed to have got lost inside the Nakayima tree.

Amabere Caves

The caves were named after King Bukuku’s daughter named Nyinamwiru, loosely translated ‘Amabere Ga Nyinamwiru’ would be ‘Breasts of Nyinamwiru’. King Bukuku was one of the ancient Kings of the Batembuzi Dynasty that ruled that time and were believed to be demigods by their subjects, often disappearing to the underground at given times.

Mount Murongole

Inhabitants are said to have migrated from Ethiopia to Kenya and finally Uganda hence the name ‘IK’ which means ‘the first to migrate’ here.

Comprising of approximately 10,000 people, they came here as traditional hunters and gatherers, however when the Kidepo Valley National Park was created in the early 1960’s they were displaced from their land resulting in famine and extreme hardships.

Batwa People

On the fringes of the national park are the last remaining members of the endangered Batwa Pygmy tribe that once flourished in the area. A visit to their community is not only a way to learn more about the traditional forest practices of this hunter-gatherer culture, but a way to support a people whose ancient way of life has been almost completely wiped out by modernisation.

Uganda Activities

Mountain Climbing

Offers the most unforgettable hiking experiences in different National parks and Mountains, offering many opportunities for the best adventure activities of your Safari. These include Mt. Rwenzori National Park, Mgahinga National Park, Sipi falls and Mt. Elgon. 8 Days trekking here can cost approximately USD 2500 per person.

Spot Fishing

The two fishing sites of Murchison falls and Karuma falls can be accessed by either boat or a serene walk down. Fishing in Murchison falls can be done any time of the year. This costs approx. USD 200 for 4 days.

White Water Rafting

River Nile is considered one of the safest and yet has the wildest agrade 5 white water rapids in the world. Water rafting is done with the help of a river guide. This costs approx. USD 150 – USD 300 depending on the length of time.

Zip Lining

Ziplining is done at the Mabira forest located 4KM East of Kampala City outside of Lugazi town at Griffin falls camp. Zip line activities are done from 8AM to 1PM and 2PM to 6PM. This costs around USD 90 per person for a half day experience.

Bunjee Jumping

Bungee jumping in Uganda is one of Africa’s best adventure activities. It is only done on River Nile in Jinja.

Hot Air Balloon Safari

This is only done in Murchison falls National Park. The views from up the sky are spectacular and this is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!! There are two options for a hot air balloon safari, Sunrise/Sunset. This costs approx. USD 410 per person.