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Experience the pulsating rhythm of East Africa, where the vibrant tapestry of culture, wildlife, and breathtaking landscapes converge to create an unforgettable journey of discovery. From the pristine shores of Zanzibar to the awe-inspiring safaris in the Serengeti, delve into the heart of this enchanting region, where every step unravels a new chapter of adventure, heritage, and natural wonder. Join us on a virtual exploration as we unlock the secrets of East Africa, immersing ourselves in the rich tapestry of this diverse and captivating destination.

Jambo Kenya

Staple foods  While different communities have their own native foods, the staple foods in Kenya include cereals (Maize, Millet, Sorghum and others depending on the region) eaten with various Meats and Vegetables. Foods that are universally eaten in Kenya are Ugali, Sukuma Wiki and Githeri. Kenyan annual festivals  A must-do while in Kenya  -Enjoy the Greatest Show… Continue reading Jambo Kenya

How to do a budget safari in Kenya

Kenya’s tourism industry has grown exponentially over the years and is considered one of Africa’s finest destinations to travel to. Nonetheless, it is generally not considered an expensive place to travel to in comparison to other African countries.  Prices vary depending on what kind of safari you are looking at, but Kenya offers a wide… Continue reading How to do a budget safari in Kenya